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Gas Prices Cause Boaters to Bail

Boaters everywhere will have to throw a few more dollars into their hole in the water this season as prices at the pump continue to soar.   Use these tips to keep yourself afloat financially, and ensure your favorite past-time will live long into the future.

Tips for Saving on Gasoline Cost:

•    Drive slower. Take your time While heading to the fishing hole and you'll see a significant increase in the miles per gallon your vehicle gets while hauling your vessel.   You'll also be a lot safer too, and don't forget the decreased wear and tear on your ride.   You'd go slower too if someone hooked a 3000 lb. load to your rear!
•    Don't Fill Up. If you're only going a couple of miles on the water, don't put 20 gallons in your inboard fuel tank.   You'll be paying a premium for hauling that extra weight around both on and off the water.
•    Fish Smarter. Plan your trips in advance.   Use Google Maps to plot your course beforehand and stick to it.   You're probably getting less than 2 miles per gallon, so make every mile count.   Also check to see if there's another boat launch that will give you better access to your fishing hole.   It may be a little farther to drive, but your ride gets alot better gas mileage than your boat.  
•    Buy Local. Why drive across country to buy the perfect boat when there are tens of thousands for sale right in your own back yard.   Use local new and used boat searches such as Boats Around Town and Craig's List to find the perfect boat in your area.
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